По-важни WWW, занимаващи се с проблемите на дистанционното обучение са дадени по-долу:

         A Services-Based Architectural Model for E-learning

         Information & Communication Technologies Impact on Academic Curricula

         Electronic Learning Environments Generic Models

         An Interactive Study Environment Reference Model Based on Intelligent Software Agents - Technological Aspects

         Learning Technology Architectural Framework

         The Anderson Center for Innovation in Undergraduate Education

         Northeasterh university

         Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

         Web and Audio Conferencing Software for Collaboration

         College of Engineering University of Massachusetts Amherst

         Videoconferencing for learning

         Website of the Chemical Engineering Department at UMass Amherst

         Technion Israel Institute of Technology

         Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  University of Pennsylvania

         Online learning @ fsu

         The Journal e-Magazine

         Advanced Software for Teaching and Evaluation of Processes

         Multimedia Information Retrieval Aided by Descriptions of Online Resources

         Institute for Computer Based Learning,School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences,Edinburgh


         The ASTEP learning model

         Learning to Teach Online

         Distance learning with the University of London

         EMPA-Distance Learning

         Distance Learning Programme Imperial College London